Rules of the Road

Like any good military operation, it’s important that we lay out the guidelines for the event. Making sure everyone finishes safely is priortiy number one, so here are some Do’sDont’s and guidelines on how we will roll:

Do: Come prepared. Don’t wing it. Wear your F100 jersey. Consider layers underneath your jersey as the weather will change dramatically over the course of the day. Do bring your mandatory equipment:

  1. Helment
  2. Water Source
  3. Spare Tube

Optional (encouraged)

  1. Arm warmers
  2. Change of clothes (loaded in your SAG vehicle)
  3. Food, if you have specific dietary requirements

Do: Listen to your Platoon Leader. Don’t do your own thing. He/she is your guide, mentor and commander for the day. Your Platoon Leader sets the pace, enforces the rules, and keeps your platoon safe. If he/she is giving instructions, please listen.

Do: Ride as a platoon. Don’t fall out. If one rider stops, the whole platoon stops. If you find yourself unable to keep up with your platoon, you should alert your Platoon Leader, find the SAG vehicle and catch a ride to the next rest stop. At that point, you can ride again with your assigned platoon or move back to a slower group. If your Platoon Leader directs you to the SAG vehicle, it’s time to take a break. This is for your safety as well as the safety of all of our riders.

Do: Practice safe riding etiquette. Don’t be ‘that guy/gal.’ Don’t cross-wheel. Don’t ride more than 2 abreast. Do pay attention. Don’t ride aero. Do point out hazards to other riders. Don’t draft your SAG vehicle. No headphones.

Do: Enjoy the experience. Don’t get too antsy. All riders will ride together in one group from launch through Philly and all the way through Camden. Once we reach Holtec, Platoon Leaders will ensure they have their riders, then wait to be released to ride at Platoon Pace by the Ride Director.

**If you have a mechanical or any other issue in Philadelphia or Camden, you WILL be picked up by a SAG vehicle and driven to the release point.**

Do: Represent something greater than yourself. Don’t be an a**hole. Be courteous. Wave to vehicles who stop for us. Thank the police officers. Talk to our volunteers. Find out why other riders or there and where they come from. We are one team. When you put on the Team Foster jersey, you represent all of us. Make us proud.

Do: Share. Post. Video. Photograph. Selfie. Don’t be too old for that. Tag @wearteamfoster or hashtag #weareteamfoster

Do: Fundraise. Don’t be lame. Share. Discuss. Email. Talk. You’re about to ride 100 miles. Normal, uncommitted people don’t do that. Share the love.